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Wednesday, 28 February 2018 17:05

Hashgraph vs. Swirlds

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Though I am very excited about all the possibilities that Hashgraph brings conceptually (and a huge hat tip to everyone at Swirlds for all their amazing work) - the biggest downside I personally see with it, besides being susceptible to malicious successor transactions as well as the potential challenges with Byzantine nodes via public distributed ledgers AND it's a little more centralized in nature than I would prefer... it's the fact that it Swirlds patented this instead of keeping it open source. On the upside... this opens up numerous opportunities to use that patent as a conceptional template, so that the concept's shortcomings can be improved upon to not only create something better for the end users but to make sure that it stays open source so that the technology can continue to organically evolve into something better.

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