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Suzette Weaver

Suzette Weaver

Thursday, 19 April 2018 17:38

Do you think VPNs protect you?

Do you think VPNs protect you from having your data mined? Think again. Not only that, but most anonymizers aren't much better. Below is a list of the top 25 anonymizers that violate privacy and collect far too much data about their users:

1. PureVPN
2. HideMyAss
3. HotSpot Shield
4. VPN Unlimited *
5. VyprVPN
6. Astrill
7. ZoogVPN
8. Buffered
9. TigerVPN
10. Boleh VPN
11. Anonymizer
12. IPinator
13. Seed4.me
14. AnonVPN
15. FlyVPN
16. SunVPN
17. iPredator
18. HideIP VPN
19. VPN Gateway
20. HolaVPN
21. Faceless.me
22. Better
23. Ace VPN
24. Flow VPN
25. Freedom-IP


* According to the representative of the company KeepSolid, which develops VPN Unlimited, their service does not monitor users, but only stores some log files that "help to repair technical problems faster".

Here are the seven phases of a typical internet security attack using a Kill Chain model which is a term coined by the military:

1. Reconnaissance
2. Weaponization
3. Delivery 
4. Exploitation 
5. Installation 
6. Command and Control 
7. Action on Objective


Wednesday, 26 December 2018 17:09

We are A+ Rated on PCI DSS, HIPAA and NIST

We are A+ Rated on PCI DSS, HIPAA and NIST

Exciting news for Tapestry Global Enterprises... After having our annual security audit by several different security compliance companies we received an A+ rating in all three categories: PCI DSS, HIPAA, and NIST. This is the level of security he offer for all websites and apps we build. To view the rating for yourself or to check out the rating of your site or app - try this free online security tool at Thttps://www.htbridge.com/ssl/

Five basic questions CEOs should ask regarding Cyber Risk...

1. What is current level and business impact of cyber risks to your company? What is your plan to address identified risks?

2. How is your executive leadership informed about the current level and business impact of cyber risks to your company?

3. How does your cyber security program apply industry standards and best practices?

4. How many and what types of cyber incidents do you detect in a normal week? What is the threshold for notifying your executive leadership?

5. How comprehensive is your cyber incident response plan? How often is the plan tested?

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