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At Tapestry Digital, we recognize the value that military service brings to the workplace. Veterans bring experience, skills and leadership abilities that strengthen the any place of employment. This is why we are committed to contracting skilled veterans out to our clients. We believe that when an employer chooses a veteran, they are getting the best consultant for the job, second to none.

Through our InterWeaV Program, Tapestry Digital matches top veteran talent with the right company for the right position. Connecting veteran professionals with companies hiring contractors is not only a passion but it is another Tapestry gives back.

What do you get when your company hires a veteran consultant from Tapestry Digital? You get:

  • Leadership — veterans are trained to be leaders and managers.
  • Professionalism — veterans know the importance of integrity and respect, respect that gives your team a winning edge.
  • Responsibility — veterans know what it means to be accountable for valuable human and material resources.
  • Mission-Critical Skills — veterans undergo trade-related and technical training that often relates directly to civilian jobs.
  • Physical Conditioning — veterans know the value of being in top physical condition and drug free.
  • Can-Do Attitude — veterans carry and apply a positive attitude to get the job done.
  • Calm under Fire — veterans are steady, cool, and collected. Handling stress is all in a day’s work for veterans.
  • First-Class Image — veterans don't have to be reminded to get a haircut. Whether in uniform or a business suit, veterans know how to dress for success.
  • On Time, All the Time — veterans know that every second counts and will be there on time.
  • Global Perspective — veterans are tuned in to the forces and events that shape the global market.
You also get federal tax benefits may be available to employers that hire veterans under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). Companies can also can receive tax credits by hiring individuals from one of several non-veteran target groups.

Also, companies hiring multiple WOTC-qualified employees can see a significant reduction in their federal income taxes. These benefits are explained and claimed on IRS Form 5884.

So if you are interested in serving those who served and want to hire a veteran, just tell us what you are looking for in a new hire, and we will do the rest.

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