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Tapestry Digital Services, LLC. is a female owned technology solutions company. Our passion is to help clients create integrated digital ecosystems—to build new business value, strengthen brands by making enterprise level functionality affordable and easy to use for start-ups, as well as existing small and medium sized businesses.

The Difference

No matter what the mission, or challenge is, understanding the goals of the people is key to any success. This is what network orchestration means to us. Whether developing effective interactions through customer experience (CX), user experience (UX), or decentralized application development, our experienced team of experts thrive on delivering solutions that people focused. Here's how we do it:
  • Coordinate our network to offer highly scaled solutions to our customers. 
  • Facilitate our vast resources to equip the customer’s journey to success.
  • Deliver improved efficiency and sustainability of solution integration for enhanced capabilities of mission-critical ecosystems on any scale.
  • Initiate ongoing reviews of projects to ensure continued standards of excellence.
  • Leverage all data collected from past projects to minimize future development times.


To deliver the most reliable, easy-to-use, as well as cost-effective solutions to start-ups, and SMB's which will empower them to succeed.


To create disruptions in an aging technology industry through decentralized architectures which will facilitate the continual digital transformation across all markets.


To exceed our customer’s expectations by delivering affordable, decentralized products which will improve their efficiency and profitability.

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Network Leadership Coordinators

Suzette Weaver  |      x.801CEO/President
Suzette's background in Sociology has equipped her with the executive experience in a Consultative Business Development that is focused on innovation and adding value to clients by aligning solutions critical to their success through building relationships.
Michael Weaver  |      x.800Founder/CIO
Michael's background in Behavior Psychology transforms the way our clients solve problems. Through a systematic Gestalt Methodology, Michael empowers clients in ways that result in a measurable and dramatic increase in their revenue.
Tim Rutherford  |      x.807CTO
Over the last 20 years Tim has focused on creating great customer experiences and tools to make technology happen more efficiently for our clients by increasing the impact on innovation to offer cutting edge products, platforms and applications.
Donna Greenwood  |      x.809Writer/Producer/Cinematographer
Coming from the Television industry, Donna brings 30 solid years of experience in producing, writing and directing as well as offering value added services in Video Branded Content, Video Storytelling, Video Corporate and Motion Graphics to foster a USP for our clients.

Tapestry Digital Services, LLC.

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