We’ve Changed Our Name and Our Location, But Not Our Passion.

Tapestry Global Enterprises is now Tapestry Digital Services. For most it may seem like something fairly insignificant, but it is a pretty big deal as it denotes the pioneering spirit and out-of-the-box thinking that has set us apart since our inception in the vast ecosystem of digital services.

This name change also reflects our unique and innovative way of creating enterprise level tools for small and medium sized businesses so that they can be equipped to compete on the same playing field with larger, more established enterprises.

Companies change their names for various reasons, such as mergers and acquisitions, change of ownership, or responding to a transitioning industry landscape, etc. Renaming a company can also serve to better reflect an organization’s unique benefit to its customers, services, and value proposition; a change often brings the name of the organization into alignment with the mission, culture, and philosophy.

The Move from Tapestry Global Enterprises in Knoxville, TN to Tapestry Digital Services in Casper, WY aligned perfectly with our vision. Tapestry Digital Services is an innovator in Blockchain, and Wyoming’s Blockchain legislation not only exemplifies creative thinking in that state but was clearly the best place to be in to be able to take blockchain development to the next level. Since SMBs make up most of the business landscape in Wyoming; being in a state where we could empower these SMBs in with digital services like decentralized blockchain based tools, with IoT and AI process engines made perfect sense.

We still have offices in Knoxville, and Chattanooga TN, Phoenix, AZ, and Atlanta, GA. We’ve also expanded into Rapid City SD and Billings MT.